What is a TeachMeet?

TeachMeets are informal gatherings where educators gather to share ideas, resources, projects, connect with others, extend invitations to collaborate, discuss and debate topics in education. They are meant to be casual but structured so that everyone has a chance to share if they choose, but not so structured that there are great demands to prepare. They are also meant to facilitate the translation of research to practice, and practice to research.

The idea is to create a space for educators to come together and talk shop with the goal of innovating and improving practice and student engagement.

Teachmeets can be held in pubs, parks, restaurants, museums, food courts… whatever space is accessible and will accommodate your participants. Documenting the conversations, ideas, resources, research, experiences, and intentions is a critical part of a TeachMeet. Such documents make explicit some of the tacit understandings we have about education in the 21st century allowing others to build on our learning.

Family friendly TeachMeets held at spaces where kids can play while the adults talk are a great way to include those for whom childcare is an issue. https://aliceleung.net/2016/04/14/teachmeet-kids-enabling-teachers-with-young-families-to-connect-and-share-their-practice/

What does a TeachMeet look like?

TeachMeets have a very simple framework:

  1. Introductions – share your name, workplace, and interest
  2. Sharing Time – go around again and offer each participant two uninterrupted minutes to share
  3. Response Time – offer three minutes for quick questions
  4. Conversation Time –

Who can set up a TeachMeet?

Anyone can set up a TeachMeet! You may already be having TeachMeets of a sort, Fridays after school, PD days over a rare lunch out together. The TeachMeet mindset is about recording and sharing not just the product of a collaboration, but the processes involved; not just the decisions arising from a conversation, but the conversation itself with all the messiness that often involves.

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This site serves the Canadian TeachMeet community offering a digital space to promote, record, and archive events and the great ideas that arise from them.